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In a land far, far away, we’ll call it Portland, there lived a group of creative individuals. These ones in particular loved food, loved picking chefs brains, loved restaurants, and loved to cook up new ideas. They all loved new ingredients and this group of dinner guests agreed there was a needed change in courses and not of the variety you might find on your plate.

And so began the story of Behind The Line Consulting.

After talking to many restaurant owners and chefs pretty much everyone agrees that unless your pockets are deep it’s quite the challenge to get recognized, written about and purchase advertising and so….. we began some conversations to talk about how that might change.

We think we came up with a unique and compelling program for restaurants like yours that are interested in participating in something that makes sense.

… Curious?

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We are food writers, marketing wizards, restaurant consultants, certified sommeliers, and event producers. We are local to the Pacific Northwest.

Are you interested in joining our team? Email tina@behindthelineconsulting.com.

Pamela Heiligenthal Behind the Line Consulting

Pamela Heiligenthal

Pamela’s first eye-opening experience with wine happened on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Grower Champagne set the stage for what would be a long pursuit of finding great wines. Twenty years later, she finds awesomeness across the globe and shares her experiences on Enobytes.com, a company she co-founded in 1996. She spent many years working as a restaurant manager, wine buyer and sommelier in San Francisco and Boston while obtaining certification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the Court of Master Sommeliers while judging the San Francisco International Wine Competition and other well- respected venues.

She has contributed to and/or been quoted by various news media groups including the Los Angeles Times, Vegetarian Times, VIV Magazine, U.C. Berkeley Astrobiology News, the Washington Post, The Associated Press and USA Today. True to her roots, she seeks varietal and appellation integrity when analyzing wines, and is always passionate in finding the next great bottle of wine.

Jennifer Heigl Behind the Line Consulting

Jennifer Heigl

With over fifteen years of professional communications experience, from content to graphic design to social media management, Jennifer Heigl knows how to launch a business forward, whether four months or four years into a company’s lifecycle. Based on her experience as the co-owner of Zen Kitchen Catering, an award-winning organic catering business in Portland, her first book, ‘Career Diary of a Caterer’, is currently utilized in culinary courses across the country. Jennifer is the current editor of Daily Blender, an online publication focused on food, travel, and lifestyle features, as well as owner and principal at Jen Heigl Creative, offering marketing and creative solutions for restaurants, brands, and special events.

Marc Hinton Behind the Line

Marc Hinton

Marc Hinton advises restaurants and wineries on how to keep guests and make more money. How did he learn to do that?
Opening scene: Robilio’s Memphis TN, early seventies, recently hired dishwasher celebrates his new job with a swig from a bottle of straw-basket Chianti. Fast forward a year, he’s now celebrating a cook’s position and the wine is 1954 Pio Cesare Barolo, what a difference a year can make, for Marc Hinton that statement repeats itself, each and every vintage. It could have been his personal mission statement but instead he chose “Celebrating Hospitality with Pride” and he practices that mission daily. Marc co-founded Enobytes and has held almost every position available in the food & wine industry while opening dozens of new restaurants and working in wholesale and retail wine enviroments. Teaching, traveling, cooking, drinking and writing occupies his time these days. His search for the next great wine is relentless and his bucket list of wine regions to visit has grown small enough to count on one hand. Will he complete the list before his demise? I would be willing to bet money on it!

You can follow Marc’s journey as he tells you where and what the Wine Know is drinking or over @Enobytes and Oregonlive.com (Wine Bytes). ENJOY!

Chris Cannard & Tina Curry

For the last 25 years or so Tina and Chris have acted as event planners, branding and marketing developers as well as established such festivals as The 8th Annual Northwest Food & Wine Festival and also act as owner/directors of The 38th Annual Monterey Wine Festival. With extensive backgrounds in event planning, branding, decorating, distribution and market development both are often called on for consulting within the wine and food industry as well as other related fields. Fully engaged with the distributors and production as well as consumer oriented sectors has allowed both to understand the challenges of day to day activities within the various stages of the food and wine businesses.

Strategic planning and creative concepts are something both do daily. Finding a solution or creating something new that others enjoy is something they find particularly rewarding.

Logan Johnston Behind the Line Consulting

Logan Johnston

Although the phrases, “You are what you tweet” might downplay the cultural savvy of this emerging generation of foodafiles Logan has decided to bring his marketing skills to the vibrant restaurant and wine culture that Portland holds so dear. A graduate from Colorado in Comparative Literature Logan often finds himself debating the best way to communicate with this generation and their weary stance on advertising. As a writer, multimedia storyteller, graphic designer and web technologist Logan has been able to use his skills to set up 10 permaculture sites in Central America and Southern California that are now completed. He calls these stepping stones for travelers and locals to learn more about the relationship between people, their land and workable techniques for established, effective land use. Logan’s vision and direction in this project consumed his days, but he got noticed and received reviews in some noted publications like The Huffington Post for the campaign he put together. Logan values the experience and confirmation of how the right vision and the right marketing materials can change things incrementally or dramatically. His personable demeanor and commitment to getting things done right makes him a valuable team member. He’s ready! Fork in one hand and wine glass in the other!

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